Exterior of a green building with Tia Lola branding applied to the signage.

Tia Lola Taqueria & Bar

A family brought together through a mutual love of food inspired Chef/Proprietor Isabella Santos to start the journey of opening her own restaurant and bar. Her Aunt Lola would commonly be seen at the head of the kitchen during family gatherings. She instilled a food philosophy rich with tradition and flavour, passed down through generations, making its way to influence the menu at Tia Lola.

We presented ourselves with the challenge of tying together the cultural roots of Mexican cuisine with a premium-casual environment.


Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Website Design
Brand Collateral
Social Media Design





Tia Lola Taqueria & Bar logo: Text based logo using bold letters with harsh angles.

Spreading the love.

We developed a visual system that allowed for consistency across all brand touchpoints, creating a flexible foundation. Utilizing playful illustrations, vibrant colours, and distinct food photography to establish Tia Lola as a restaurant that is more than just great food.

Bright interior of a Mexican restaurant bar with stools plants and large windows.
A person holding up a branded Tia Lola takeout bag with a floral sticker seal.
A rustic table with multiple plates full of delicious Mexican food, mainly tacos.
Tia Lola’s food, drink, and dessert menus with limes and chili peppers surrounding them.
Bright orange alcoholic drink on a on a red background.
Three bright coasters with illustrations and the TIa Lola logo.
Standing sign on sidewalk advertising tequila and tacos at Tia Lola.
Woman wearing off-white shirt with floral illustration and holding a receipt book.
Three multi-coloured posters with images of tacos and margaritas.

Reaching a larger audience.

In a world full of choices (and food-delivery apps), providing Tia Lola with a strong online presence was a priority. The website was designed to be direct and informative for hungry visitors to gain all the information needed to dine in or out. We left room to showcase the brand’s voice and positioning through social media posts designed to boost engagement even further.

Two halves of the homepage of the Tia Lola website.Three phones with screenshots showing mobile designs of the Tia Lola website.Three Instagram posts showing different food and drink promotions.

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