What if we started our own studio?

Nicole Steinberg
Oct 16, 2023

For as long as we’ve been designers, David and I have been each other’s second set of eyes on every project we’ve touched. When we both decided to go to college for the same program, everyone thought we were a little crazy, and to be honest, maybe we were. We couldn’t possibly make it through three grueling years of design school and come out the other end still getting along. But rather than fall victim to comparison, we learned how to co-exist as designers—cheering each other on and deflating each other’s egos when they grew a little too big.

When the pandemic hit, we were confined to our apartment, working remote jobs side-by-side. Just like in college, we found ourselves feeding off of each other's creative energy. Critiquing each other’s work when the idea of one more Zoom call with a co-worker sounded like too much effort. As the months of working from home turned into years, it became less and less clear to us why we didn’t just start working together officially.

It wasn’t until we went on vacation earlier this year that we had the time and headspace to start dreaming up our own studio (I really can’t recommend brainstorming on a beach enough). We mapped out our ideal clients, narrowed in on the values we wanted to live by, and most importantly, settled on a name: Steinh Studio.

One part Nicole Steinberg and one part David Dinh, Steinh Studio is all about equal partnership. We’ve always considered ourselves to be on equal footing, so it was important for that to be represented in our name. We want clients to feel equal as well, becoming a part of our team when they choose to work alongside us.

We started this studio so that we could find like-minded business owners and do good, meaningful work with them. And hopefully have some fun along the way. Founding our own company feels a little crazy, and maybe it is, but we’re diving in headfirst anyway.

We hope you’ll come along for the ride.

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