3 Signs it’s time to rebrand your business

Nicole Steinberg
Nov 6, 2023

Whether we like it or not, people do judge a book by its cover when it comes to where they want to spend their time and money. Your brand identity is the first thing an audience sees about your business, and it should reflect who you are, what you offer, and who you offer it to. If the look of your brand doesn’t align with the values and goals of your business, there can be a huge disconnect between who you want to reach and who you’re actually reaching.

Rebranding can be anything from a small upgrade to the look and feel of your business to a massive overhaul of your brand strategy. It could mean a new logo with updated typography and imagery, to a big change like a new name that speaks better to what your business offers.

Here are some telltale signs that it might be time for your business to get a makeover.

1. You're not reaching your ideal audience

One of the first things you establish when you open a business is the target market you want to cater to. However, it’s one thing to know who you want that audience to be and another to actually reach them. If you’re finding that the type of consumer you’re bringing in doesn’t align with who you want to be selling to, your branding could be the problem.

Take stock of who is interacting with your business—their age, gender, income, etc. Decide whether you want to double down on who you’re already bringing in or if you want to pivot to a different audience. Whichever direction you decide to take, your brand should always take into consideration what the needs of that market are and appeal directly to them.

2. You’re not standing out among your competitors

Depending on the industry your business is in, you could be operating in a very saturated market. Even if the sector your company is rooted in is more niche, your brand might go unnoticed by consumers because it looks too much like everyone else.

Consider what it is that differentiates your business from others in the same field, and highlight that in your branding. It could be as simple as picking a colour palette that isn’t common in your industry, or it could go as far as developing a unique brand voice that stands out from the crowd.

3. Your DIY brand isn’t cutting it anymore

Starting a business can be expensive. A common way to save money is to either create your logo yourself or have a family member or friend who’s familiar with design make one for you. While this DIY brand might serve you well in the beginning, it’s easy to quickly outgrow it as your business scales. If your brand identity comes across as outdated, you risk potential customers thinking your work will be out-of-date too.

Committing to rebrand might feel like a huge expense and undertaking, but it’s one of the best investments you can make for your company in the long run.

Time for a new look?

Change is never easy, and letting go of a brand identity that’s served you well can feel like saying goodbye to an old friend. But just like any other type of change, a rebrand can lead to significant improvements over time. If you’re questioning whether you’re in need of a rebrand, reach out to us for a free consultation.

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