3 connections you need to make for your growing business

David Dinh
Feb 12, 2024

As you start gaining traction in your business, you might wonder: What’s next? Seeking advice and looking for partnerships is a natural next step. Coaches and mentors are always going to be valuable connections, but not if you want to see an immediate difference. Who can you connect with that can make an impact right now?

Here’s our recommendation of connections (other than designers) that would greatly benefit your business.


A single image can convey a lot about your business. If you’re still using the grainy, low-resolution photos you took on your phone, this is a great place to start. Even if you don’t have a product to take photos of, having personalized headshots or photos of your office/brick and mortar can make all the difference when it comes to first impressions and building trust.

It can be hard to decipher which photographer to go with. Without knowledge of the industry and what makes up a good photo, you may end up working with a hobbyist instead of a professional. Here are some green flags to look out for: a robust portfolio that you can imagine being part of, a defined process leading up to the photoshoot and during (if you want), and ultimately someone that you’re comfortable being photographed by.


Influential and compelling copywriting is the backbone of all marketing communications. People will stop to read your content on your website or social posts, and if it doesn’t relate, they’ll quickly move past it. Think about the last time you wrote something truly persuasive or enticing. That might help you get a clue as to why your DIY copywriting isn’t resonating like you hoped. Through heatmapping our website, we’ve found that users will consistently stop to read copy, and we’re constantly working on making our copy worth stopping for.

You may enjoy writing, and that’s why you do it for your business. While it can be valuable for you to share insights and be authentic, if your goal is to bring in new leads or to really drive people to take action it’ll be worth it to bring in an expert. Traits we look for in great copywriters are: the ability to convey a message clearly and quickly, the power to change the tone and voice of their writing, and an understanding of best practices for objective goals like SEO ranking.


Marketing has a large umbrella of different avenues, and from those we’ve met, it seems as though no two individuals carry the same skillset. In some way or another, you’ll be marketing your business, and the best marketers will know where and how to get your business in front of those who value it. The investment in marketing can at times be too big to swallow, so what do you do if you’re on a budget or not quite ready to commit to a larger campaign?

Social Media Managers are a great place to start. You can definitely still drive traffic and build an audience organically, but it takes time, effort, and know-how. In many cases, you’ll be providing ideas and content to these connections, but it takes you out of Canva and allows you to spend more time delegating and thinking about your business. Like many of the other connections, you’ll want to look for someone who has a good track record and that you’re comfortable collaborating with.


Building connections that have the skills you lack will ensure that there’s always someone to lean on for support. Establishing relationships with those that help you communicate and facilitate will be key to growing your business. Focusing on having quality visuals, expertly written copy, and engaging social media platforms are our recommendations for building up an impactful brand. These connections will serve as essential catalysts for growth along your business’s journey.

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