Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the price tag?

Before we can dish out a quote, we love to dive into the nitty-gritty details of the problem you’re looking to solve and your desired timeline. The best way to see the numbers is by reaching out to chat about your project.

How long is this going to take?

We typically carve out anywhere from 4–12 weeks for branding projects and 3–16 weeks for website projects. Every project is different, and we deliver based on the agreed-upon scope. Under a time crunch? No worries; we don’t mind a little pressure as long as you let us know.

Can we make it work within my budget?

We're all about seizing opportunities to create meaningful work, and we certainly don't want budget constraints to stop us. We are open to exploring solutions that align with your budget.

Is it just the two of you on projects?

Our hands-on approach sets us apart. While the two of us often dive headfirst into projects, we're not shy about rallying reinforcements for larger-scale projects. Our ever-expanding network includes copywriters, photographers, developers, marketers, and more, ensuring we've got the dream team to meet your project's unique needs.

How does this all work?

With every project having a personalized solution, you can imagine it being hard to share a process. We have a high-level summary, but it’ll always be best to reach out for your specific project.

Are we the missing puzzle piece for your project?

Browse through our portfolio to get an idea of what we bring to the table, or drop us a line to share the problem you're dealing with. We're all about honest conversations, and if it turns out we're not the perfect match, we'll gladly point you in the direction of someone who might be.

Who's in our dream client lineup?

We click best with those who bring a mix of drive, excitement, and kindness to the table. If you're ready to dive into strategic discussions, communicate with flair, and recognize design as an opportunity, not just a final product, we're on the same wavelength. Above all, we thrive when we're viewed as equal partners in the creative process.

Weird name. What’s the story behind Steinh?

In the search for an ideal business name, Steinh Studio emerged as the perfect blend of our partnership. One part Nicole Steinberg and one part David Dinh.

Still have questions? You'll have to ask us for answers.

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