A large blue banner with an image of a child building a robot in a building archway.

Camp CodeBreak

Often the biggest challenge with teaching children new skills is how to make the process of learning fun for them. Camp CodeBreak offers a solution in the form of an after-school program that combines the comradery of a camp environment with the empowerment of learning through making.

We set out to develop a brand and website that felt as engaging and fulfilling to kids as the projects and programs they’d be creating at Camp CodeBreak.


Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Website Design
Brand Collateral





Camp CodeBreak's logo: a pixelated square divided into two parts diagonally. Green and blue icon with black text.

Developing the brand.

It was important for every point of contact to feel both tech-inspired and youthful. From the colour palette and typeface to the swag sported and earned by camp-goers, every element was designed with the brand’s young audience in mind.

A breakdown of the ideas behind the Camp CodeBreak logo:  chevrons, computer chip, and pixels.Pages pulled from Camp CodeBreak’s brand guidelines laid out in rows.
A staircase with Camp CodeBreak branded chevrons used for wayfinding.
The white version of Camp CodeBreak's logo over top of an image of a child building a robot.
Eight stickers that Campers can acquire during their programs.
A young boy playing on his computer with four stickers on his laptop from Camp CodeBreak.
Two colourful t-shirts with the Camp CodeBreak written on the left side.
Three notebooks (blue, green, and black) with the Camp CodeBreak logo on them.
A young girl wearing a tote bag with the Camp CodeBreak icon printed on it.

Breaking through online.

With coding being the heart of what Camp CodeBreak is all about, we knew their website and social presence would need to reflect how playful and limitless the world of tech can be. Utilizing similar treatments found throughout the print collateral, graphics are instead used to call out key information while still adding a playful element to the design. An easy to digest site structure paints a picture of what campers and parents can expect from enrolling.

A full screenshot divided in half of the homepage of the Camp CodeBreak website.Three phones with screenshots showing mobile designs of the Camp CodeBreak website.Six Instagram posts promoting Camp CodeBreak, sharing team members, and projects.

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