Colourful candle label designs on off-white paper laid out in two rows of four.

Burnish Candle Co.

Selecting a candle to bring home with you comes down to so much more than just scent. Burnish Candle Company set out to craft candles that not only light up life’s everyday moments, but double as decor pieces for your space.

With artisan candles being an increasingly saturated market, our goal was to develop a brand that would stand out on both shelves and social platforms.


Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Packaging Design
Social Media Design





Burnish Candle Company logo: A yellow star with text on the right.

Lighting the fire.

By striking a balance between illustrative shapes and refined typography within their logo, we provided Burnish with qualities that could be applied throughout their brand. The launch of their first collection utilizes organic illustrations and a vibrant colour palette to build off of this foundation, while leaving room to grow with future releases.

A Burnish branded sticker on top of paper with the icon star used as a pattern.
Burnish branded box with patterned tape.
Images of watermelon, blueberries, tangerines, and lavender cycling with the burnish icon overlaid.
Illustrations of watermelon, blueberries, tangerines, and lavender from the candle design.
Four different glass candles laying flat with labels facing upwards.
Image of a picnic on a pink blanket with fruit, wine, bread, and cheeses.
Single pink candle with box standing upright.
Dieline of an orange candle unfolded with a glass candle laid on top of one of the panels.
Blue candle showing front label, top wick, and paper insert with blueberry design.
Image of blueberries and raspberries at a farmer’s market.

Making social shine.

We wanted Burnish to have an online presence and voice that burned just as bright as their candles. From promotional stories that encourage engagement, to in-feed posts that let their personality glow, Burnish warmly invites users into their social circle.

Three Instagram stories introducing this line of candles and spotlighting a picnic themed candle.Three Instagram posts from the company sharing products, opinions, and promotions.

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