Big Blue Electric's icon on an image of an electrician working with wires.

Big Blue Electric

With over 19 years of experience, master electrician, Detrik Liznick was ready to build up his business. With a goal of positioning Big Blue Electric as a pillar in the Caledon area for reliable and honest electrical services, Detrik leverages his wide breadth of experience to give his customers peace of mind knowing projects will be done right the first time.

We worked with Detrik to rebrand his business with a new logo, print collateral, and website that put his values and his customers at the forefront.


Visual Identity
Print Collateral
Website Design


Skilled Trades



Big Blue Electric logo and icon listed on blue, orange, and black.

Renewable design.

Maintaining the sentiment and origins of Big Blue was important for Detrik. What that boiled down to was continuing to utilize the original brand blue, having an abstract icon, and embracing a unique typeface. With those parameters and an open mind, we dove headfirst into creating a logo that called back to Detrik’s preferences, but also to his industry and the quality of service he provides his customers.

A before and after of the Big Blue Electric logo. Original logo has a line-based icon and big blocky text.
A visual breakdown of how the Big Blue Electric icon was created.
A gif of the changes between certain letters in the Big Blue Electric logo.
A breakdown in proportion of the Big Blue Electric logo.An overview of the colours and fonts used for the Big Blue Electric brand.
Big Blue Electric business card design.
Blue and orange beanies with the Big Blue Electric icon centred on the rim.
Big Blue Electric work vehicle wrap with icon blown up large on backside of the van.
A water bottle with the Big Blue Electric pattern applied to the bottle.
A lanyard for a tradeshow with Big Blue Electric's branding applied.
A hardhat with the Big Blue Electric logo.
A graphic t-shirt branded for Big Blue Electric.

A direct connection.

With the branding in place, we designed and developed a website that would make it easier for customers to reach out for quotes, find information, and build trust by getting to know more about the expert electrician they came looking for.

Customized icons for the Big Blue Electric website.Big Blue Electric mobile website screenshots.

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